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And light becomes smart


Intelligent light for a smart home

Light creates atmosphere. Light provides safety. Light generates happiness. With Q® Smart Home Lights the route to happiness is very easy. That's because all Q®-Lights need is a plug socket or completely normal 230V power connection. The remote control unit supplied with them takes care of the magnificent Q-effect: the brightness and colour of each light can be regulated wholly as desired. And even saved. From the comfort of your sofa.


Very smart and also very secure.

When you're not at home, simply switch on the light! It scares off any unwanted visitors. Q® Smart Home Lights are compatible with ZigBee, the leading standard for smart home lighting systems. This combination makes it really easy to switch multiple lights on and off on a time-controlled basis. Completely securely. And completely automatically.


Outwit high energy consumption!

Saving energy can also be fun! With Q® Smart Home Lights, for example. Because the intelligent light system is based on the highly energy-efficient LED technology. That not only saves on electricity, it also puts you in a good mood. Both when reading your electricity bill and when enjoying a good book on the sofa or in bed. Because brightness and light colour can be seamlessly controlled: smart lighting comfort par excellence.


Pair individual lights

With Q® Smart Home Lights, the principle of plug-and-play has been taken to the next logical level.


Pair a group

By grouping them together, it is possible to control multiple lights simultaneously.



 Using a smart phone or tablet, it is child's play to create and manage lighting schemes.


® Smart Home Lights –one big family

Q® Smart Home Lights already includes more than 150 different products and is being constantly expanded. The range includes designer domestic lights in varying styles for all areas of the home, office lights, lights for specific purposes, universal track and rail systems, and even LED bulbs for retrofitting existing lights. Also included: flexible LED boards for creating custom lighting solutions - for example for atmospheric illumination of counters and bars or for kitchen units and walk-in wardrobes. The portfolio is rounded off by adapter plugs with switch and night-light dimmer function and by highly convenient remote Q® Multi-Control for sophisticated management of the lights.


Member of a strong network

 Paul Neuhaus GmbH is a member of the ZigBee Alliance. All products of the Q® Smart Home Lights range are ZigBee-certified. ZigBee is seen as the key standard for intelligent lighting management in smart homes. And offers all the possibilities of perfect combination with the systems of leading electrical equipment companies (e.g. Busch-Jaeger) and of other lighting manufacturers. Linking up to smart phone or tablet is also possible in this way. Q® Smart Home Lights thus becomes your entrance ticket to the fascinating world of intelligent living - including all aspects of connected building automation, from regulating room temperature and operating blinds all the way to controlling security equipment.


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