Garden, terrace and outdoor areas

Apart from perfect lighting in the house, it is also important to have the correct lighting concept outside if everything should harmonise. A garden is particularly inviting for long summer evenings. Balconies and terraces are somewhat smaller but are equally an important wellbeing paradise for barbeques parties and for pausing and relaxing after a stressful day. In the spring the first blooms spread good spirits and in autumn it presents itself as a homely colourfully decorated paradise. An optimally matching lighting must simply be a part of this, which unifies functionality and design.


Security and optical diversity

Exterior lighting fulfils important uses concerning security in outdoor areas. They illuminate garden paths and steps, lower the risk of tripping and facilitate the orientation when we spend some time outside. Additionally, burglars are kept away from lit gardens and terraces. The optical effect of outdoor lights is therefore, not to be avoided. At night gardens and flowers, trees and wood or objects of decoration transform into a fascinating eye catcher. This practical and optical diversity can be set up with a combination of portable and fixed lamps. The entry to the terrace or the garden can be illuminated using wall lights, while bollard luminaire and pedestal luminaire light up garden paths and steps. Portable beam lighting with screw clamps or earth spikes are flexible to operate and always adds new accents to bushes and flower beds or to edges of ponds.


Specially designed for the outdoors

Lights made for the outdoors are just as important as interior lighting, therefore the appropriate lighting must be used. Outdoor lighting for gardens and terraces is especially protected against bad weather and humidity. There are even lamps and lights, which can float on the surface of your pond and create fascinating scenes. On the terrace, wall or fixed lighting on the projecting eaves, are the right choice for sufficient basic brightness, which also allows you to read your favourite book. With illuminated light spheres or LED lamps with a dynamic coloured light, create an enigmatic and at the same time impressive atmosphere at night, in the garden and on the terrace.


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